our story

»May we introduce ourselves to you«

Theodoré International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. located in Bangkok, Thailand was founded in December 2004. We are an innovated, German family run business – two generations benefiting from each other. The company looks back on a long and successful history of experiences in Asia and in Europe.
»We take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.«
At the beginning Theodoré started out as a fast growing small business, gaining an excellent reputation throughout the hotels and restaurants in Thailand. We are now the leading fresh premium seafood company in Thailand. We started out with
selling fresh premium seafood and are now well known as the seafood specialist.
We can count the best hotels and restaurants in town and all over Thailand to our clients.
Throughout the years we have expanded our seafood to non seafood products (Vegetable, Foie Gras,...). Theodoré provides the freshest premium products that are on today‘s markets. At the moment our products are mainly from France, Greece, USA and Thailand – day by day we are working on expanding our products.

What makes us different
Our view on how we see things, handle things and treat our clients. At Theodoré service
and quality always comes first. We do not only offer you the best service, but we also
offer you more. We support you in all kind of different ways. We give you more information, more product insight or whatever your heart desires.

Everyone has principals
Each day we live and work by our principals, some of them are embracing diversity
and creating a good work environment. Be welcoming, be genuine, be knowledgeable,
be considerate and be involved – those principals help us to be more individual and to provide an excellent service towards our clients.

At Theodoré we have one important rule, if we make a promise, we will make everything possible to keep our promise.
Honesty, commitment and inspiration we expect from ourselves, from our partners and as well from our customers.

At Theodoré we are against forced labour, child labour and discrimination. We work under the law and regulations of Thailand. We expect that our
partners and customer do the same under their countries regulations and laws.

Everyone is unique
We at Theodoré, see and know that every customer is unique and has different requirements. Therefore we treat our clients as the individuals they are. As a small company, we are able to be more flexible and more individual, to meet all of your expectations, requirements and wishes.

We at Theodoré work together with suppliers and producers, who are as flexible, loyal and honest as us. As well share the same perspective that each and every customers are unique.
It‘s like fishing in your own pond. All our premium products arrive very fresh in Bangkok. Our aim is to provide you with the freshest high quality products available. It‘s like fishing in your own pond or
picking fruits in your own backyard.
Therefore, we at Theodoré, don‘t keep any fresh
products on stock. All our fresh premium products are traceable back to their place of origin – the fishermen who caught the fish, the day boat, the farmers and producers.

The right transportation
Our fresh premium products are transported in the required cooling conditions from their country of origin to their final destination. We at Theodoré ensure that our products which arrive – are the freshest. This way you can enjoy and store them longer.

Everything has to be perfect
When the products arrive in Bangkok, we at Theodoré, do our own quality control before we deliver our fresh premium products to your doorstep.

It‘s a natural product
Our product price may vary depending on the market situation and the season. With most products like seafood also the size and weight +/- may vary.

Reduce and Reuse
At Theodoré we believe in the importance of caring for our planet and encouraging
others to do the same. As humans living on this planet, it is simply the right thing to
do. It is a big challenge and we are working each and every day on making a better
progress: reducing waste and to saving energy.

Sharing is caring
We at Theodoré care about other people, environment and our planet so we want to
contribute. We welcome all sorts of charity events.
Not everything is for sell
We do not sell, purchase or import any endangered seafood or other species. Theodoré
does not support any kind of businesses involving illegal fishing, hunting and land
clearing. We all take part in preserving our environment and animals on our world.
Making the impossible possible

We at Theodoré take the impossible and make it possible. We serve you each and
every day in the best way there is. If you should ever need a product, which you can‘t
find in Bangkok or on our list, please contact us, we will source it for you.
Working hand in hand

At Thedodoré we work hand in hand, not only in our team, but also with our suppliers,
producers and customers. We want to build up a strong relationship between our
partners and us. Loyalty and honesty are the key points that make us who we are.